On the date of January 9, 2019, the Nebraska Department of Probation conducted a Probation check on the residence located at 113 5th St. located in Fairbury Nebraska.  The female subject who resided at the residence identified as Stacie Fentress had an active warrant for her arrest out of Jefferson County for Failure to Appear in court on that afternoon.

Probation asked for the assistance of the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office and upon conducting the Probation check a search of the residence as well as the adjoining property to the east was conducted. 

It was determined that items in the adjoining property located to the east of 113 5th St. were under the control of Melvin Brungardt.  Brungardt, who was also a resident of the property and was on probation at the time as well.  Melvin Brungardt had been arrested on the date of January 8, 2019 and was in the custody of the Jefferson County Jail on Charges of Possession of a Controlled Substance with Intent to Deliver as well as other charges due to a traffic stop conducted in the early morning hours of January 8.

Upon searching the residence in the presence of the Nebraska Department of Probation due to the search clause in both the probation agreements of Fentress and Brungardt, large amounts of illegal items were discovered.  Inside the residence large amounts of drug paraphernalia, as well as amounts of marijuana and methamphetamine were discovered.  Also located inside the residence were firearms, some of which had been defaced, large amounts of ammunition and evidence related to the distribution of controlled substances.  Brungardt, who is a convicted felon is not to be in possession of such items.

Fentress was arrested on her warrant out of Jefferson County Court and Brungardt remains in the custody of the Jefferson County Jail.  This matter remains under investigation at this time, and further charges are pending in this matter.  Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office was assisted in this matter by the Nebraska Department of Probation, Department of Health and Human Services, and Jefferson County Emergency Management.