Several items were on the agenda of the Fairbury City Council meeting the evening of Tues., March 5. City Council members present were: Kelly Davis, Ward One; Tim Polson, Ward One; Brad Kuzelka, Ward Two; Ed Friesen, Ward Three; Rick Carmichael, Ward Three; Doug Brown, Ward Four and Phil Rogge, Ward Four. Roger Bailey, Ward Two, was not present.
Three members were appointed to the Law Enforcement Committee: Tim Polson, Ed Friesen and Glen Tedrow
The Council approved a Public Works Committee recommendation to donate two 2019 individual season pool passes to be used as prizes for the Fairbury Public Library's summer reading program.
The City Council voted on an amendment to the engineering agreement with CES Group for professional services for road improvements to Oak Street between 13th and 14th Streets.
According to Fairbury City Administrator Collin Bielser, “Since we're paving that section of the roadway, we anticipate a lot more storm water runoff.”
“Right now, it runs into an open ditch, which would run to 13th and Maple, where there's a storm sewer inlet,” he said. “We're basically creating a storm sewer system, extending it a block.”
Regarding the cost, Bielser said, “The engineer estimate was $33,000, I think.”
It was recommended that the project be reviewed to to determine if it would be less expensive to have the city do the construction or to hire a contractor.
City Councilperson Kelly Davis said, “I have a problem that one block of storm sewers is $33,000 when I can't get my street graded smooth, you know, and I got ditches that need attention, too.”
The Council voted to approve the change order. Councilperson Davis voted no. The others voted yes. The motion was approved.
The Council approved a Rural Workforce Housing Fund agreement with Beatrice, Geneva, Deshler and Auburn. The state has made available up to $7 million for housing initiatives. The Southeast Nebraska Development District (SENDD) put in a joint application for five communities, of which Fairbury is one. SENDD received approximately $650,000. Fairbury contributed $133,800 of LB 840 funding.
Administrator Bielser was appointed to serve on the Joint Project Approval Committee.
The Council also voted to approve Resolution No. 1079, to issue a request for a proposal for a solar energy power purchase agreement.
According to Bielser, “This was an initiative that was brought by a power supplier, Municipal Energy Agency in Nebraska, or MEAN. There's a few other communities interested in this idea. We talked about it at the Board of Public Works.”
“The City's not committing to participate in a program like this, but you'll be able to see what a possible agreement would look like,” explained Bielser. “It's more of an exploratory situation. We'll see what we get back, what the cost of the purchase power agreement would be.”
Kyle McCawley, project manager for Larkin Aquatics, presented a change order request to cover additional expenses for the Fairbury Swimming Pool Project.
An additional $25,000 testing allowance was requested for testing and inspection of concrete,. Testing was originally estimated to be approximately $15,000. However, McCawley indicated he did not anticipate the entire $40,000 being needed.
In addition, approximately $8,334 was requested for the pool's security system, $1,786 for the public address system and $2,300 for ridge vent installation. The total cost of this change order is about $37,420.
The City Council voted unanimously to approve the change order.