The Fairbury City Council voted six to two at the Tuesday, September 4, meeting in favor of authorizing Mayor Homer Ward to sign the interlocal agreement between Jefferson County and City of Fairbury for law enforcement services. 
At last week’s special meeting of the city council, the public came forward to speak their piece regarding the possible interlocal agreement between the City of Fairbury and the Jefferson County Sheriff. A motion was carried seven to one to postpone the final decision until September 4 at the regularly scheduled meeting. 
At that special meeting, council member Brad Kuzelka made a motion to put the matter to a vote of the public. With a lack of a second the motion had died. 
At the recent meeting on Tuesday evening, council member Ed Friesen opened the discussion with a statement of safety and reassurance.
“It would be our number one concern here of this council is that the people and citizens of this town are safe,” Friesen said. 
He went on to make his statement in the form of a motion to authorize the mayor to sign the appropriate documents. After the second was made, council member Kelly Davis made his own statement. 
“I have struggled for weeks with this matter and at this point I don’t think it is a winnable struggle,” Davis said. “No matter what we do we will be called out for it. I have been called names, treated very badly, and even threatened with removing me and the others from the council. I have broad shoulders and I can take the ridicule. I have been cursed for the way I’m going to vote. How does anybody know this? My wife doesn’t even know how I’m going to vote. I was chastised for not making a second to councilmen Kuzelka’s motion to take this matter to ballot to vote by the citizens. I thought about making the second just for the sake of having a vote, which I don’t think would have passed. Instead I looked out in the audience and saw people that had gotten up in previous meetings and scolded us because we were dragging this on and we were told we needed to make a decision so officers involved knew what their future held. 
“This is not a matter that needs to be a snap decision, but rather it needs to be thought through by all involved to make a clear decision. If we were to vote and take it to ballot by the citizens it would have been delayed by another two to three months. With all that being said, I want everyone to know that my vote will reflect the opinions of the majority of the people that have reached out to me and have also put me in the position to represent them. It does not represent my personal feelings on this matter.”
No other discussion was had and the matter was put to a vote. Kuzelka and Davis voted against authorizing the mayor to sign the agreement and the motion passed with the majority vote. The contract will go before the Jefferson County Commissioners at their next regularly scheduled meeting on September 11.