The meeting of the September 11 Jefferson County Board of Commissioners was crowded as the interlocal agreement between the City of Fairbury and Jefferson County regarding a law enforcement contract came to the desk of the commissioners. 
At the previous September 4 meeting of the Fairbury City Council, it was voted on and approved by the council to allow the mayor to sign the interlocal agreement. As the commissioners meeting opened chairman Mark Schoenrock invited the sheriff to say a few words. 
“Well, its pretty straight forward,” said Jefferson County Sheriff Nels Sorensen. “We’ll provide law enforcement, we’ll do it with six people and a secretary. I think we have worked the fees really well enough that I think we should be revenue neutral. Getting started, we may be a little shaky because of staffing.”
Sorensen questioned the starting for the dissolvement of the Fairbury Police Department and when the sheriff’s office will take over the city coverage officially. He went on to advise that he does not believe that the department or the sheriff’s office can operate to full capacity until the first of the year. 
“As of now, we have nothing scheduled for the police department after the first of October,” Sorensen said. 
City Administrator Colin Bielser confirmed that in accordance with the contract held with the police and city, the department will need a total of 90 days’ notice before it is dissolved; however, he informed the commissioners that a starting date is in negotiation. 
“I think we can get it done pretty quickly,” Bielser said. “My personal goal: this month.” 
Sheriff Sorensen agreed that the target date is October 1. He commented that the officers still operating under the police department have already unofficially integrated into the sheriff department. 
“It’s happened, just not on paper,” Sorensen said. 
He commended the work of all officers and deputies who have responded to recent calls, working as a singular unit. 
“We are all in this together at the end of the day,” Schoenrock said. 
The subject of the police officers going from a union to a non-union operation was brought up for some discussion. Sorensen commented that he has spoken to some of the involved parties and said there is few interested in forming a union. Chairman Schoenrock commented that if an agency treats their people right, there is no need for a union. 
As for filling out the staffing for coverage in Fairbury Sorensen admitted that they are having trouble finding certified individuals to fill those positions. 
“We just don’t have a lot of people who want to come to ‘small town America’ unless they want to get certified and move on,” he said. 
Sorensen was confidant the positions will get filled and the city will be fully covered under the protection of the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office. He went on to say that the office has several interviews later this week that he hopes will prove fruitful. 
Before making a motion, the commissioners inquired about the progress made for employing a resource officer for the Jefferson County schools. Sorensen confirmed that the resource officer will come over from the police department. 
“It’s all starting to knit together but we may drop a stitch here or now and have to backup and redo that,” Sorensen said. “But I think overall were pretty solid on our direction.”