“You don’t have to walk through the mud anymore,” Diller-Odell Superintendent Mike Meyerle proudly announced at the school board meeting on Monday.
A parking lot project was finally completed earlier this month at the elementary, replacing the dirt lot with cement.
Twenty-six cars can fit in the area.
“It will be a lot better, I don’t know how much we’ve spent on rock over the years, and we’ll still need some rock, but it will dramatically decrease because that area is that is where it is getting driven on,” Meyerle said. “Day-to-day, it will be great because people won’t have to walk through the slop.”
Lottman poured the lot and Meyerle said it worked out with timing to get it done.
“In the last year I told you guys, we just had a time Lottman could get right on it and since they were right here, so we had it done,” Meyerle said.
In other Diller-Odell news: 
An update on the new gym in Odell was given by Meyerle.
“They all feel the middle of July it will be in good shape,” Meyerle said. “We’ve started sheet rock and it is starting to take shape.”
A target date of June 1 is slated to lay in the floor.
Photos of the inside of the gym will be added to the school’s website to show patrons how things are progressing.