With the H Street Project began on Monday, Fairbury Planning/Zoning Administrator Laura Bedlan helped clarify the parking dilemma that residents living along the project’s path will have to deal with during the phase that will affect their house.
The Project which has five phases will begin at 14th Street for phase one and end at 27th Street for phase five.
Those living along the section of the project that don’t have alley access will have multiple options for parking and entering their homes.
Bedlan mentioned that Jefferson Community Health & Life will be allowing residents who cannot park in their driveways or garages to park in their lots. Another option that was brought up was parking alongside side streets as long as driveways are not blocked.
“There is some parking that is being provided by the hospital but most of what you’re going to be doing is parking on side streets or if you have parking in alley. But you can’t block the traveled way,” Bedlan said. “People without an alley way will have to walk to their homes.”
Bedlan added that she has not been made of aware of any special accommodations, but if someone feels they possibly need one due to lack of mobility or special needs, contact her at 402-729-5261.
“If somebody needs accommodations I would encourage them to reach out to the city. I have not got any calls from anybody specifically requesting any specific accommodations. Just have them call me and we will make what arrangements we can,” she said.
Another part of the project that has caused additional concern is the sidewalk that’ll put in alongside the road. Bedlan assured residents that their properties will not be affected by the addition as the construction will stay within the city’s right-of-way.
“Typically the right-of-way is on the back side of the sidewalk through town. It’s not exactly the case in this stretch but we’re not exceeding the right-of-way at all,” Bedlan said. “Our project is totally within the city property and right-of-way, existing. We’re not buying any, we’re not going up to any doors. None of that, so they will have access to their entire property.”
The month of November is when phase five is scheduled to be completed. Each phase will be open to traffic before another phase begins.