The pool project is moving forward as several trees were removed this past week to make way for the expanded new area for the aquatic center. 
The city was notified of a study on migratory species they had to conduct as a result of the trees that needed removed at the pool site. The tree study was finished this week, according to city officials.
The goal, according to Laura Bedlan, Planning and Zoning Manager for the City of Fairbury, is to ensure that the trees that need removed for the project are not crucial to endangered bird species. 
Another concern for the area are the endangered long-eared brown bats that migrate through the area from June to July. According to Bedlan the bats nest in shag bark trees, which neither of the trees in question were. 
“That was our biggest concern,” she said. 
The study also concluded that there were no active bird nests in the removed trees. 
Bedlan went on to say that the city is actively working on the project even if it does look like nothing is happening. Currently the city is moving toward the demolition portion of the project. 
“We will be starting the demolition process within a week,” Bedlan assured. 
At the last Fairbury City Council meeting the bid was awarded for the aquatic center. Carrothers Construction Company LLC based in Paola, Kansas was awarded the bid for just under $3.25 million. The curb and gutter repairs in the park were not discussed. 
According to the original time frame presented to the city council in December of 2017, the bid was projected to be award early to mid May and construction to commence as soon as possible afterwards. This was to allow the contractor an additional three months of construction before the winter weather set in and made the process more difficult. 
“What the public doesn’t see is that we are working on it,” Bedlan assured. “There’s a lot of red tape to go through before we can start seeing results.”