Just how close to God are you? God created us to have close intimate fellowship with Him. He demonstrated that in the way He created and what He wanted for us to have as husband and wife.  He demonstrated that in coming to the garden to walk with Adam and Eve in the cool of the evening. But all that changed when sin entered into the world. Adam and Eve avoided God as He came to walk with them, in fact, they hid from Him.
Isn’t that what we did when we had done something our parents warned us about doing?  We “hid” from them.  But unlike our parents from whom we could hide, they couldn’t hide from God. He called to them, and when they answered, He asked them why they were hiding.  He already knew the answer.
But God still longed for the close, intimate relationship He created us to have with Him. He loved His creation and He would do all that He could to restore that closeness. That is why Jesus came from the throne of God to earth. He is the key to the restoration of the closeness that God wants to have with us.
A fellow pastor Herb Shaffer, has written a book called “Intimacy and Awe”, about the closeness God wants with us.  He wrote that one day as he began his prayer time he heard God say to “come sit on My lap.” He dismissed it as something else. 
The next time he prayed, he heard the same words from God, “come sit on My lap.” He heard the words several times again, but because of the relationship he had with his own dad, he ignored the invitation. Finally one day he replied to the words, “I can’t.”
After much careful consideration of what God was saying, he said “I can’t, but I want to.” Then he heard God say “come and let Me help you up on My lap.” Herb said that he began to understand more about the closeness that God wants to have with us.  
As a parent/grandparent didn’t you invite your child/grandchild to come sit on your lap. How can you wipe away the tears they have, or give comfort for the scrape or injury they have. 
That is exactly what God wants to do with us.  He wants to wipe away the tears we have at times.  He wants to comfort us for the scrapes and injuries we have at times.  He just wants to comfort us.
God can’t comfort us if we don’t come to Him and sit on His lap. I have started to listen more closely to what God is saying to me as I pray. 
I am trying to be in tune to the invitation He gives to me as I approach my quiet time with Him. Listen, He is calling for you to “come and sit on His lap.”  
Be bold, hear Him.
Dr. Robert W. Moody, Sr. Associate Pastor, Fairbury First Church of God