When someone's coined the phrase, "time waits for no one," they certainly knew what they were talking about. In this fast paced world, the days, the weeks, and even the months seem to just fly by. Here we are, already in the sixth month of 2018. Another school year is completed and summer vacations are here. And all around the area, churches are preparing for Vacation Bible School. Back in the summer of 1997 a unique Vacation Bible School began with the coming together of 5 area churches as a way to add numbers for their youth to experience not only the Bible school part but to have it at Camp Jefferson, so those in attendance could enjoy the camping experience as well. The original intent was to only have those associated with the five churches to attend, but God had another plan; to eventually include the entire community in around the Fairbury area and beyond. This year is no exception as 5 Star Bible Camp is now accepting campers, through their Facebook page, certainly something that wasn't heard of when it first began, or by getting in contact with one of the participating churches. The camp is free and all children are welcome! This year's theme is "Shipwrecked-Rescued by Jesus!" The camp runs from July 16th-July22nd, with the smaller age group the first half of the camp and then Jr.­ Sr. High the latter half of the camp. The countless hours of dedicated volunteers through the years have been breathtaking, with each one having a testimony to tell. And from the very beginning of this camp was that if one child's life was changed by coming to know Jesus as their Lord and Savior through this camp, all those volunteer hours were so worth it. With the fund raisers and contributors to this camp; truly this has been a wonderful mission for the Glory of God, right in our back yard. And this year, campers young and old will be able to enjoy the brand new swimming pool out at Camp Jefferson while experiencing the love of Jesus Christ.
Interim Pastor Darlene Novotny, First Christian Church