Do you remember the movie “Funny Farm”? Chevy Chase starred in the comedy about a writer who moves to a farm in the Northeast so he can write books. It turns out he didn’t like the place so he bribes everyone in town to get along so he can sell the place. The whole town comes together so well that he decides to stay (an idea they weren’t so thrilled about since they would lose the money).
It was the ability to get the people to work together that made the town attractive to the new buyers, and it was what made Chevy want to stay. Isn’t it amazing how people being kind to one another, and working together are so magnetic to others? Over the last year, my wife and I have watched, and learned the ropes of living in our community. We love it here, and we see the possibilities! It is called the discipline of hope; that is, we do not see those things that most see as negative, but rather, we see this community through the eyes of Christ-with hope. 
Picture a city that works so well together that outsiders want to live here. Picture a place where businesses and industry clamor to set up shop because of the people. That is what we can accomplish by working together, by loving each other like Jesus first loved us. How can we do this you ask? I believe the first step is to get involved. There are many avenues for doing that; from your local church to the many great organizations that find ways to serve our community.
For this pastor, I would invite you to come to church; to not just sit in a pew on a Sunday morning, but to be active in all of the activities the church has to offer. On a personal level, ask yourself what interests you? What do you think could be better? Then investigate who, and what is doing something that is working toward that same goal, and join them! You are never too old, nor too young to serve others. 
The funny thing is the example has been set. Jesus served His community. In fact, Jesus served the world. He would die for people He didn’t even know, like you and me. That does something inside of me. To know that someone would literally lay down their life for me! That gets my motor running, and it also motivates my prayers; God thank you for your Son, show me how I can love others the way Jesus did. 
We are all part of this community, let’s make it a “Funny Farm.”
Dr. Howard Law 
Pastor Zion Countryside (Fairbury/Gladstone)
Pastor St. Paul Church (Jansen)