Do you remember the old westerns, and the phrase “reach for the sky?” It was implied by the person saying that if you didn’t surrender your weapons, you would soon be chock full of lead. The same can be said of us if we do not surrender to God. You may not end up full of lead, but you certainly will get a chance to melt some.
Recently I read a post on Facebook that stated: “don’t ask me for the truth unless you want it straight up, with no sugar added.” I can appreciate that but wonder if the person who posted it is willing to listen to the cold hard facts themselves. The first fact I face is that according to the Pew Research Foundation a mere 56% of Americans today believe in the God of the Bible (, 11/2018). That is a significant drop from the first year they ask that question. In 2007 that number was 71%. The cold hard truth is we are losing our faith in this country, and the reason for it is that families do not put God at the center of their lives; at least until a tragedy comes their way. 
Shortly after 9/11, churches saw a dramatic six percent increase the week after the attacks (Walsh, 2002). Ask someone when the last time they went to church and a very common answer will be for a funeral. In fact, of the 51% of those who say they grew up going to church, only 33% have attended in the last month (Gallup). Interestingly, that same poll found that over 80% of all people polled believe in both heaven and hell.
What is my point? The cold hard truth is that if you do not raise your child to have a relationship with God, they will likely never set foot in a church as adults. The cold hard facts are that as parents your job is to raise your children to be responsible adults, and if your focus is only on extracurricular activities that never involve the church, the heaven you do believe in is not where they will end up.
The cold hard fact is that hell is real. If we fail to grasp that during our finite time on earth, we will find ourselves condemned to an eternity apart from God. The cold hard fact is that if you truly want the best for your child, then it has to start in church, involved in church, in a relationship with God that will help them walk out every difficult part of their lives. The cold hard fact is that we are instructed to train up our children in the Lord and that if we do not, we have failed them. So get to church and while you are there, reach for the sky!
Dr. Howard Law 
Pastor Zion Countryside (Fairbury/Gladstone)
Pastor St. Paul Church (Jansen)