It is the time of year for an extra challenge for our travels. Roads are under construction, whether it’s H Street, or streets around Lincoln, or stretches of the interstate. Several times already, I’ve had to take the long way around, but at least I haven’t gotten lost yet. 
It used to be that traveling was very difficult and dangerous. A few generations back, some of my ancestors got on a ship at Bergen, Norway and made the voyage across the Atlantic Ocean. It was a long, hard journey crammed into that small ship out on a big ocean. There were storms, there were the crowded conditions, there were people getting sick. But they got to America and started a new life here.
Back in the 1880’s, my great grand-father would sometimes walk about 50 miles from Madison to Sioux Falls in Dakota Territory, and then back home again.
Back in the 1930’s, Grandma and Grandpa would make the drive from south Alabama to South Dakota with their four little children. 
There were no interstate highways, just the backroads. They’d stop and cook meals on the side of the road. But they arrived at their destination. 
Now people fly on airplanes, or drive on fast freeways. It’s easier and faster. The GPS on my dashboard now shows me the right way to go.
Over 4000 years ago, a man named Abram started a long journey with his family and his workers and his animals, leaving his home because God told him to go. He didn’t know where he was going, but he knew that God was leading them. Why did Abram go? He went because he trusted God. 
And about 2000 years after that, the Son of God made a journey from Heaven to Earth, from His Father’s side to a young wife and her husband on Earth As a child, He traveled from Bethlehem to Egypt and then to Nazareth. As an adult, He met people throughout the Holy Land. And He made the journey to the Cross, convicted as a convict and a rebel, though deeper than that, He made that journey as our Savior. He made the journey from His execution to the tomb to His resurrection. 
He knew the way. He knew how to get there and what would happen. So why didn’t He turn back?
He made the journey to Earth and to the Cross for us. We thought we would be better off without God, and we got ourselves lost in selfishness and violence and arrogance. He came to Earth to lead us back to God. 
It would cost Jesus His life, but He did not turn back. He did not take the easy way out. 
He did not abandon us to ourselves. He took the hard way, to win for us forgiveness and peace with God and everlasting life. 
Jesus made the journey to Earth to join us here, so we can join Him forever.
Pastor Ken Hart
Faith Lutheran Church