In my last article I wrote about the voice of God. I would like to go on a little more with the voice of God.  The voice of God, Mark Batterson say is “...all powerful. But that is only half the story. His voice is also all-loving.”  
We see the power of His voice in Genesis when He said, “let there be light.” In response that command the sun and the moon and the stars were created and put in the proper places around the earth. I listen to the thunder in a storm and wonder if that is how God’s voice sounded to the Israelites. The first time they heard God’s voice they were afraid and did want to listen it again.  They told Moses that you go and get the commandments and directions from God and then present them to us. We are afraid we will die if go to hear Him again.
In fact the Israelites were so scared that they felt their souls had left according to a rabbinic legend. Mr. Batterson said that is what happens when God uses His outside voice. That is what we hear in the thunder in the midst of a storm.  So what did God do? Batterson says in his book “Whisper” “that He sweetened His words, softened them, until their souls returned to them. When He want us to repent, what does He do?  He doesn’t threaten us or nag us or yell at us. He shows us kindness. And if that doesn’t work?  He resorts us more kindness. In other words He simply loves us.
 And as He loves us His voice comes as a soft gentle breeze. The kind that just tickles your ear and turns the corners of your mouth upward and shows those around us a big grin. In that soft gentle breeze we can hear God say to us “I love you.” Have you ever heard God say He loves you?  Well God says He loves you each time you take a breath.  He says He loves you each time you pause to be still and listen deeply, I believe that if you listen carefully and intently you will hear His voice saying the same thing, “I love you.” 
In fact you can hear Him whisper the same thing that He said over Jesus at His Baptism.  “This is My beloved Son in whom I am well pleased.”  
You are His beloved.  You just have to let Him love you.  Isn’t that the voice you want to hear.  Let me go back to the words I have used before from Psalm 46:10. “Be still and know that I am God.” When we are still we can hear Him whisper to us: I love you.” 
There is a storm going outside my window right now. I hear the rolling thunder, but in those peals of thunder I hear the voice of my Heavenly Father say “I love you.”
Dr. Robert W. Moody, Sr.
Associate Pastor
Fairbury First Church of God