New life is being breathed into the Jefferson County Art Guild. President Lacey Schoenbeck is leading the guild in new and exciting directions with the support from the current and growing members.
The guild is moving towards attracting new members and expanding its offered classes. Now, the guild has expanded its range for membership to not only include Jefferson County residents, but anyone who has a passion for the arts and would like to share it with the community. 
For the Jefferson County Fair, the guild held a special presentation of acrylic paint pouring art. The demonstration was an example of a future class the guild was offering the following weekend. 
Vice president of the guild, Tony Boettjer lead the experimental demonstration and succeeding class. 
The guild is putting together more classes that will feature diverse art styles and techniques for the public to participate in and explore a whole world of art. As new members join the guild and the numbers swell again, the guild has set the goal to be more involved with the community. 
In previous years, the guild held classes that correlate with holidays, offering classes associated with decorations for the holiday. Classes are arranged by the members of the guild based on their art specialty. They are planned to be scheduled twice a month to provide flexible times for the community to get involved. 
The guild is currently working on a community-wide project. Members are collecting round bottle and container tops for larger-than-life flowers they will distribute around to businesses to display for the remainder of summer in their store fronts or lawns. The recycled art will then be auctioned off with proceeds going back into the guild to fund more community projects. 
The first of the flowers was placed in the yard in front of PVI on Friday last week. Around downtown, miniature versions of this larger-than-life flora are on display in business windows around the square. 
More gigantic blossoms are scheduled to come sprouting up around Fairbury as the guild finishes more later this week. 
The members of the Jefferson Art Guild boast a wide range of specialties. From photography and woodwork to street art and traditional, and non-traditional, canvas painting, the guild members are novices and masters with each their own personal flare. 
The tight-knit group nurtures each other’s growing skills as well as explores new styles and techniques. New members are always welcome to join every fourth Monday of the month at 6p.m.