Brandt Introduces LB 242

On Monday, Senator Tom Brandt introduced LB 242 at the request of the Lancaster County Board of Commissioners with input from the Nebraska Association of County Officials.
“As a State Senator, I have always been interested in innovative concepts to address the needs of cities, counties and other political subdivisions.” Brandt said. “As a farmer, I have experienced the frustration that county bridges which are closed or unusable can have on our business. I am pleased to introduce a bill that is both innovative in its approach and does not increase property taxes.”
The bill does two primary things: First, it gives political subdivisions similar powers as the Nebraska Department of Transportation was given to assist in the construction of the Lincoln South Beltway. 
Second, the bill provides clarity to political subdivisions that they may utilize design-build in the cases of repair, retrofit, reconstruct or to replace any bridge.
Similar to what was passed for the South Beltway, the bill allows political subdivisions to commit dollars in current budgets to larger bridge projects to get them done in the short term but be able to pay for it over the long-term. This allows political subdivisions to work with contractors to build bridges to take advantage of prices now in the short term but to pay for them over a longer period to avoid inflation or price increases.

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