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1.11.23 Court

County CourtArraignments:Christina D Weidner, Fairbury: Count 1, Violate protection order/prior P.O. conv; Class 4 Felony.Carson R York, Endicott: Count 1, Drive under susp/before reinstated-state; Class 3 Misdemeanor. Count 2, Possess marijuana 1 oz or less-1st off; Infraction. Count 3, Possess or use drug paraphernalia; Infraction.Michael J. Diller: Count 1, Reckless driving; Class 3 Misdemeanor. Count 2, Leaving the scene of a property accident; Class 2 Misdemeanor.Bailey A Sturm, Fairbury: Count 1, Burglary; Class 2A Felony. Count 2, Possess burglar's tools; Class 4 Felony. Count 3, Theft-unlawful taking $0-500; Class 2 Misdemeanor. Coun...


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