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Jan. 3: D.R. Patton to Darlene Herman: The east half of Lot One (1) and the east half of Lot Two (2), .resurvey of Block Thro (2) and Three. (3), Hillcrest Subdivision to the City of Fairbury, County of Jefferson, Nebraska, subject to easements.

Jan. 4: Todd A. Johnson, Robert D. Milton and Jill M. Milton to Ryan R. Haddan and Christina D. Haddan: The Southeast Quarter of Section 19, Township 2 North, Range 2 East of the 6th Principal Meridian, Jefferson County, Nebraska, subject to easements.

Jan. 4: Robert D. Rosener Land Co. To Gregory L. Rosener, Kristen L. Sturdevant, Kimberly K. Bates, Robert G. Rosener, John A. Rosener And Paige...


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