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1880Markets in Fairbury. Wheat, 60 cents; corn, 20 cents; oats, 25 cents; hogs, $3; fat cattle, $3.75; potatoes, 75 cents bushel, butter, 12 to 15 cents; and eggs, 8 cents.More rain again and there were predictions of plenty of wild hay after all. This was one crop that farmers of that day depended on.Rain fell every day, August 15 to 27, inclusive.C.C. Boyle and family were still traveling in Colorado, living in a mover's wagon. They had gone 1,100 miles but were on their way home.1890The Republicans nominated Jesse Starbuck of Hebron for state senator and J.O. Cramb for float representative.Two school boards near Plymouth spent $15 for "an...


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