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Area COVID Rate Rises

While nowhere near the levels seen at the height of the pandemic, Nebraska has seen an uptick in COVID-19 cases over the last six weeks.
However, Jefferson County Commissioners discussed the issue at their meeting on Tuesday, May 24, and confirmed there has been an increase in the Jefferson County area.
The Public Health Solutions (PHS) board met in Crete on Thursday, May 19. Commissioner Mark Schoenrock is also on the PHS board and attended that meeting. He then gave a report to his fellow Commissioners.
“There is some (increase in COVID cases). It’s primary up in Lincoln,” said Schoenrock. “There is some here. Nothing significant, but there is some uptick, and right now we don’t have any plans to do anything more than what we’ve done in the past to address it.”
Schoenrock added, “But if it gets worse, we’ll have to look at other options.
The PHS district includes Jefferson, Saline, Fillmore, Thayer and Gage counties.
The Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services is no longer breaking down data by county or health district on the Respiratory Illness Dashboard, so local data is limited.


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