Back Up And Back Up

I am glad you are all reading this editorial.

Late last week, we lost all of our data. All of it. Gone. A Microsoft update wiped out everything. David and CKTL has been working tirelessly over the weekend to get us back up to speed.
This is not a new problem. Stories going back to 2018 notes similar issues.
Some businesses weren’t as lucky as we have been, so technology, as grand as it is today, can be a real problem.

Technology that we, as a society, are at the whim of a handful of companies. Technology companies can turn things on and off. This also means that with security being an issue, an attack on these technology companies could cripple any industry reliant on technology, which is pretty much every industry.

Failsafe’s, backups and, basically, prayers are what we’ve been getting by on for many years in the newspaper world. If you are a company that does not have data storage, failsafe’s and backups, be aware an automatic backup can be detrimental to your company. If you have a computer, you can be at risk.
Look at what can be done to back up files and keep things running smoothly. If you need help, call CKTL (402) 587-8600.


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