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Can The Wymore Gambles Building Be Saved?

By Gordon Hopkins
Like a lot of other rural communities in Nebraska, the City of Wymore in Gage County struggles with the issue of blight and dilapidated housing. The city is in the process of updating a blighted and substandard properties study to determine what properties need to be torn down and what properties can or should be saved.

There is one building that some members of the Wymore City Council hopes falls into the latter category: the old Gambles store front.

The Wymore City Council met on Wednesday, May 18, and city councilmember Max Allen said, “I would still like to see that Gamble’s building, really rather than tore down, repaired.”
The Gambles Store was first started by Glen Irwin in November of 1939. In the spring of 1940, the store front was relocated to the located where the building still stands, now empty.
“The true issue with that building, with the Gambles building, is,” said city attorney Andy Carrothers. “What’s underneath that building as far as the foundation.”

Tim Sedlacek, Utilities Superintendent, was also at the meeting, “We were in the Arbor State Building two days before it was torn down and that building never should have left. Never.”

It was suggested that the city find a contractor to determine the viability of the building and get an estimate for repairs. City Attorney Andy Carrothers said, “If you want to have someone come and take a look at it provide an estimate.”
Sedlacek said, “I’ll make some phone calls.”


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