By Gordon Hopkins

There are a lot of weighty issues on the editorial pages of today’s issue, leaving me little room for my usual frippery. So, I will take this opportunity to make a few observations about a topic I don’t often think about.
While I don’t usually think about crickets, they have been much on my mind of late, mostly because they have become much harder to avoid lately. I am guessing it is because of the triple-digit temps we have been experiencing for the last week, but they seem to be infiltrating both my house and the newsroom in ever increasing numbers. Can you blame them? Like the rest of us, they are just trying to escape the heat.
I am not one who is annoyed by the sounds of crickets. So, that isn’t the problem for me.
My cats are another matter.
I have three cats and every one thinks he is an apex predator, eager to show off his hunting skills. It is certainly a problem at, say, two in the morning, when one of the chirping critters makes its presence known. That instantly triggers the stalking instinct in my normally lazy animals.
All while I’m trying to sleep.
One more detail about crickets which I can offer from firsthand experience after a trip to Thailand. When fried, they taste a bit like peanuts.


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