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FJN Designs Blue Springs’ New City New Logo

After a long search, the City of Blue Springs has settled on a new logo, created by FJN’s award-winning graphic designer, Jennifer Lewis.
In addition to design, Lewis is responsible for circulation, advertising, marketing, lifestyles, obituaries, production and serves as FJN’s general “Jack-of-All-Trades.” She has worked for FJN for 24 years brought home numerous awards from the Nebraska-Press Association for her advertising and design work.
Last year, the city requested input from the public to design a new city logo. Kathy Roche, City Clerk for Blue Springs, told FJN, “The City does not currently have a logo, but due to influx of building application permits for new homes, and planned revamping of the City and Feit Memorial Parks, among other improvement issues, it is thought it is time to have one.”


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