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Former Deputy’s Trial Delayed

The trial for Wilbur U. Young, 59, of Plymouth, a former deputy with the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office, has been postponed until April 4, 2022.
Young is charged with failing to serve a felony warrant, a class 2 misdemeanor that carries a possible penalty of up to six months in jail and a $1,000 fine.
According to the citation, “On, about or between the 27th day of October, 2020 through the 26th day of November, 2020, knowingly neglect or delay to serve a felony arrest warrant against Jerry Barnes for a violation of felony probation, while serving in the capacity of a sworn law enforcement officer with a duty to immediately execute such warrants.”
Nels Sorensen was Jefferson County Sheriff at that time.
An investigation into Young’s conduct was undertaken by the Nebraska State Patrol and Young was terminated from his position in October of 2021.
Deputy Young pleaded Not Guilty. He is represented by attorney Lyle J. Koenig of Beatrice. At arraignment on November 24, 2021, Koenig told Judge Bauer, “We are going to request a jury trial and as far as we are concerned, your Honor, you can go ahead and schedule that.”
The state is represented by Corey M. O’Brien with the Nebraska Attorney General’s Office.
The trial was originally set to begin January 31, 2022. On January 19, Koenig appeared via telephone in Jefferson County Court to request a continuance. According to a filed motion, negotiations between the state and defense toward a settlement are ongoing.
Linda Bauer, the presiding judge, granted the motion.


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