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Lawsuit Alleges “Unconstitutional Election”

By Gordon Hopkins
A Lincoln man has filed a lawsuit alleging “unconstitutional elections.”
Although filed in Lancaster County, the civil suit encompasses the entire state of Nebraska. Named in the suit are Kris Riggle, Jefferson County Election Commissioner; Dawn Hill, Gage County Election Commissioner; and every other election commissioner in the state. Also named as defendants are Governor Pete Ricketts, Secretary of State Robert Evnen, Attorney General Doug Peterson, Speaker of the Nebraska Legislature Mike Hilgers; and Election Systems and Software (ES&S), an Omaha-based company that manufactures and sells voting machine equipment and services.
Rick Hill of Lincoln, the man who filed the suit on Monday, October 17, 2022, alleges, among other things, “The general election of 2020 November 3rd was a fraud,” and “The general election of November 8, 2022 will be another fraud if immediate changes are not made.”
FJN reached out to Kris Riggle, who said, “Our county attorney is aware and the matter has been forwarded to the Nebraska Intergovernmental Risk Management Association (NIRMA).”
NIRMA provides insurance coverage and risk management services to Nebraska counties and related agencies.
FJN also spoke to Jefferson County Attorney Joseph Casson, who was blunt in his assessment of the merits of the suit, “We have forwarded it on to our insurance carrier to formulate an appropriate response to this (expletive deleted) lawsuit.”

Gage County Supervisors discussed the suit at a meeting on Wednesday, October 19, and were informed by Gage County Attorney Roger Harris that he had also forwarded it to NIRMA.
Supervisor Don Schuller noted, “Mr. Harris does not expect this lawsuit to get anywhere but needs to be handled with due diligence. Unfortunately, it will cost tax payers across the state money.”
What the Suit Alleges
Hill made a number of claims in his initial, 10-page filing:
“The globalists control everything from the top down. These Elites have achieved a higher level of conscience you know. In fact, they believe they can download their brains into a computer and live forever. They are like gods. We are here to serve their needs and when we are no longer needed we will be exterminated.”
“The elites choose who gets in office. The scam is to make The People think they are voting or selecting, making their personal preference for that particular office.”
“Why is media complicit? It is called Operation Mocking Bird (sic). The news media is and has been scripted by the CIA. Anderson Cooper is paid by the CIA, an installed agent. Ever wonder why every channel you turn to, the news person is simply reading the same script every other station is required to say.”
“Covid19 stands for Certificated of Vaccine I.D. Artificial Intelligence. There never was a virus called Covid19. No hospital, no laboratory, no institution (WHO, CDC, FDA), nowhere on planet Earth has any type of instrumentation seen or isolated a virus, bacteria or germ that’s Covid19. It was a scam to remove Trump from office so the elites could install the puppet Biden so their New World Order, The Great Reset could take place. And they are not quitting. They wanted a third world war to cover for their lockdowns and mandates.”
“The Covid19 ‘vaccine’ wasn’t a vaccine for the virus did not exist. It was a genetically engineered death shot to remove 90% of the worlds (sic) population. The people it didn’t murder would become transhuman connected to A.I., human robots with no soul or independent thought.”
Although not included in the initial court document, Hill claimed in a subsequent filing, “Governor Ricketts knew about Senator (Ben) Sasse resigning before the May 2022 Nebraska primaries.”


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