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Sheriff’s Office Looks To CommunityOutreach To Curb Thefts

The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office is looking for ways to improve “community outreach.”
The Law enforcement Committee met the evening of Tuesday, May 2, 2023.
Sheriff Nick Georgi brought up a problem that has been discussed at prior meetings, when individuals discuss legal matters, including crimes such as thefts, on social media but do not not report them to the Sheriff’s Office.
The sheriff told the committee, “I get told a lot about thefts that end up on the (Facebook) Neighborhood Watch page but never get reported to us. So I tried to do some brainstorming, and what I’ve decided to do, and I’m not done with it yet, I started working on a program to kind of do community outreach, not with not just people of Fairbury but with our whole county.”
Georgi said the purpose of the program will be, “To reach out to the people within our county, educate them not only on prevention, what they can do to prevent thefts on their property, but also kind of just to reach out and reinform people of the importance of watching their neighborhoods, talking to their neighbors, knowing what’s out of the ordinary and what to report, when there should report and how important it is to them to report to us.”
Sheriff Georgi said he has applied for some grants to fund the program. The creation of the program is still in the works.
The sheriff also said he intended to use social media, such as Facebook, as part of the program.


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