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Sheriff’s Office to Acquire Three New Vehicles

By Gordon Hopkins
Chief Deputy Jeff Horky of the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office spoke to County Commissioners at a meeting on Tuesday, August 16, to get approval for the purchase of three new vehicles. Horky emphasized just how lucky the Sheriff’s Office was to find these vehicles.
According to the Chief Deputy, several auto manufacturers will no longer be making pursuit vehicles, “They’re not doing them anymore.”
Supply chain issues, worker shortages and other financial factors have led to long delays, sometimes up to years, when ordering new vehicles. The Jefferson County Highway has found the same to be true with motor graders and similar vehicles.
Of the three vehicles to be purchased, Horky said, “They’re pursuit vehicles, which are a lot better than buying one off the lot for us because the brakes and all that are bigger. They’re just better built.”
Commissioners unanimously voted to approve the purchase of three Dodge Durangos at $43,000 apiece.


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