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Wymore to Demolish Rodeo Concession Stand

The Wymore City Council decided to demolish the rodeo concession stand at a meeting on Wednesday, February 1, 2023.
According to Wymore Superintendent Tim Sedlacek, the stand is, “Missing most of the roof.”
Sedlacek said, “So a long time ago we talked about this getting rid of the concession stand. I was told I had to get a hold of somebody in the Rodeo Association.”
However, he indicated he was unable to actually find anyone who was still a member of the association.
City Attorney Andy Carrothers asked, “Does the Rodeo Association still exist?”
No one in the room had a definitive answer, although the consensus was that it did not.
City Councilperson Max Allen said, “It’s clearly in our park and in a dilapidated status.”
Councilperson Sue Sapp supported demolition, “It’s one less eyesore in this town.”
Carrothers said the property is city-owned and, as such, the demolition does not require any permission.


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