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Real Estate

Real EstateAug. 16: Josh Hemphill and Jonni Hemphill to Usbaldo Herrera Gonzalez and Martin Herrera Ledesma: All of Lots Eight (8) and Nine (9), Lot Ten (10) except the East Ten (10) feet of the South Sixty-five (65) feet thereof, and the North Seventy-seven (77) feet of the West Twenty-four (2,1) feet of Lot Tleven (11), all in Block Eleven (11), W.G. McDowell's First Addition to the City of Fairbury, in the County of Jefferson, and the State of Nebraska, subject to easements.Aug. 18: Glenda Junker to Julie Collier: Lot 4, Eldridge's Addition to Fairbury, Jefferson County, Nebraska, subject to easements.Aug. 19: Peggy L. King and James M. K...


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